Why We Need To Keep Chivalry Alive

James Michael Sama

Look, I know we are not in medieval times. People hear the word ‘chivalry’ and ask me if I want to bring back every chivalric code of battle and weaponry and somehow revert the rest of our societal constructs back to the theocratic dark ages.

Well, it would be cool to be knighted…

But besides that, I think we are all mature and intelligent enough to understand that discussions of the New Chivalry Movement focus on the modern interpretation of the word, often associated with people showing respect and courtesy to each other on a daily basis. In the context of my articles, it is typically in the direction of men showing said courtesy towards women.


If I’m not seeing people talk about chivalry being dead, I’m seeing them talk about how it should be dead because it’s demeaning to women. To make such a statement is to push…

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