15 Things She Wishes You Would Realize

James Michael Sama

Women have an almost unshakable reputation for being difficult to understand. Some will admit that they don’t always blame men for not being able to understand them because sometimes they don’t even understand themselves. But, don’t we all feel this way sometimes?

If we really take the time and put in the effort to have deep meaningful conversations with each other and open ourselves up to really listening, there are a few things we pick up along the way.

Here are fifteen things women wish men would realize.



Not all women are dying to be in a relationship.

There is sort of a ‘damsel in distress’ stigma that follows women around implying that they all need, or want, to be saved from some miserable life of singlehood. Not only is that not true, it’s almost 2015…so it’s definitely not true. Today’s women are bold and intelligent enough to understand…

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